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Building Computational Systems in the Wolfram Language

The Wolfram Language (WL) is renowned for its exploratory capabilities but less so for converting computational insights into sustainable, "real-world applications". The conventional pathway has initial WL-experimentation giving way to "proper" system-building languages (e.g. Python, C++ etc.) for widespread deployment. Recent technological advances however, raises the tantalizing prospect of carrying out both exploration and system-building in the same environment while using the same high-level programming language. Such continuity promises a frictionless transition from computational discovery to product-delivery and this workshop reveals some key techniques, technologies and patterns that makes this end-to-end pathway possible.

Emphases on each topic will depend on attendee interest as well as introducing a special new tool for transforming the package-building process (onSoc licenses included). This workshop is targeted at experienced WL users ranging from academics needing to produce FAIR-compliant research software, start-ups choosing the WL as their core system-building language through to large organizations seeking to future-proof/commercialize significant WL code-bases.

What's included?

  • 2 onSoc Packages (1 Yr licenses)
  • 10 Manifestos
  • 10 Videos
  • 10 Notebooks
  • 1 Certificate

Ten Steps towards spreading your computational word. 

Imagine being able to transform your computational essays into epic narratives---computational systems that head out into the world to lead a life of their own.

This course's north star will be making possible this type of computational-system-building in a way that is as natural and intuitive as the WL has made computational exploration. 
  1. The Rationale
  2. Foundational Architecture
  3. Next-Generation Packaging
  4. The Art of Function Naming
  5. Functional Versatility
  6. The Documentary Dance
  7. Unit-testing re-imagined
  8. Dimantine Exception-Handling
  9. Systematic Parameterization
  10. The Promulgation Party
Meet YOUR instructor

Ronald Monson

Ronald Monson is the founder of onSoc. He has a BSc & DipEd (UWA) and PhD (UWA) in pure/applied mathematics, computer science and mathematical education. He has been a visiting scholar at Wolfram Research (WRI), a certified Mathematica Trainer and holds a (2022) US patent in the use of natural language in scientific inference. He was a research associate at the University of Western Australia in 1999-2004, a mathematics lecturer at Victoria University from 2004-2012 and a learning consultant at Edith Cowan University over 2013-2017. Since 2017 he has overseen the development of onSoc in designing educational and scientific software.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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