Aug 11 / Ronald Monson


Time to blog.

Inference lies at the heart of how we extract meaning from the world. It is arguably what defines us a species. Our ability to infer about each other and the natural world is surely one of the most distinctive, amazing capabilities natural selection has ever dared to shape. Given these origins it is hardly surprising that it should crop up in so many different fields ranging from information theory, physics, statistics, data science, mathematics, psychology, cognitive science, critical thinking, educational pedagogy computation and artificial intelligence. 

The aim of this blog, related software and pedagogy is to get a hold on inference for its own fascinating sake, but also, to harness it. 

And these days, truly harness inference means engaging in a dramatic human-machine dialectic. And if there is a beating mantra to such a dialectic it may well "inference to a better explanation" for if one can somehow systematise the gaining of progressive improved inferences, computation takes care of the rest, amplifying over generations in seconds not millennia.

Our mantra and blog moniker is clearly a nod to abduction's "inference to the best explanation".
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